Marvin Wilcher

Like many of today's entrepreneurs "I was born that way".  I have always wanted to lead the way in one form or another, especially when it comes to business ideas and thinking outside of the box. My career has been quite an adventure. From bootstrapping manufacturing ideas to managing numerous start-ups, the range of challenges go from business development services for small struggling companies, to the acquisition of a  $100,000,000 music distribution company. There have been some easy rides and some long walks. No matter what, I love this work and  will probably do for the rest of my life.  I am an Entrepreneur!

Recently, I have become very much involved in the clean energy sector owning several successful Solar installation and development companies.  These companies have built projects in California, Louisiana and New Jersey. Projects include a 1.7 mega watt solar system on government buildings in New Jersey and more than 20 K thru 12 schools in California. Additionally these companies have built hundreds of installations on low income single-family residences in Louisiana including the Katrina effected areas. 
As part of my efforts to move the clean energy ball forward, it is my belief that we must teach our children about clean energy so that they live in a world with cleaner air and cleaner water. Whether we appreciate it or not this blue floating ball called earth is the only home we have.  If we mistreat our grand kids they are going to know what we did and hold us responsible. 

If you want to know more about what I think go to "Featured Work" and click on the links to some of my more recent articles about clean energy, politics and the world in general. Thanks for the visit.  Feel free to contact me whenever you have a thought or a question you want to share.  
-Marvin Wilcher